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Title: Four Cups of Tea
Author: [ profile] spacemutineer
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: 221B
Author's Notes: Written in honor of 4-timer [ profile] mainecoon76 for the Spring 2014 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange on the theme "the fourth time".
Summary: Four cups of tea are windows into the courses of three lives.

Earl Grey

Mrs. Hudson – she's still adjusting to the name – knocks quietly. "Tea?"

A groan behind the door. The Battle of Trafalgar must not be going well. Trouble with the masts again.

Charles opens his studio's door and steals his cup along with her kiss.

"When I finish this canvas, we are traveling, darling. Inland."


Heavens, but she is beautiful. The wicked heat even at this hour in Bombay blesses a glow to her toffee skin. He is struck by the focus in her eyes, even when she is only serving tea.

"Doctor?" She leans closer to pour. Much closer. "You are working late again."

"It seems so are you, Fahima."

She is even more beautiful when she blushes.

Cha Süma

Holmes should have known. What else could it be?

It wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have to drink so much of it. But the Tibetan custom of refilling a guest's cup after every sip left him little option.

Butter tea was one thing to get used to, but yak butter tea was rather another.


Chamomile is calming, so Mrs. Hudson brewed a pot before broaching the subject she'd held her tongue on for so many years.

"Don't let him go to Sussex alone, John. You are all of love he will ever know. You've always been."


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