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So it's come to this: a master fic list. Your comments are always very much appreciated. Thank you for visiting and reading!

Canon/Granada - Granada and canon are extremely close, so they are used more or less interchangeably for my material. When I imagine Sherlock Holmes, it's Jeremy Brett I'm seeing. You'll find a large amount of UST and angst here, be aware. Organized newest to oldest.

- Nepal, 1891 - (AO3 - Twitter) - ~1000 words, G
A moment in transit, in danger, as Holmes discovers a familiar face.

- The Adventure of the Bridegroom's Photograph - (AO3) - ~6600 words, PG, written for [ profile] inamac for the Spring 2015 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange.
There is more than one secret to be revealed when a young man comes to Holmes and Watson with a keepsake and a question.

- Readers - (AO3) - ~2700 words, G, written for [ profile] stellinia for the Autumn 2014 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange.
In the retirement years, when Watson is "beyond my ken" as Holmes describes it, the author struggles to maintain connection with his readers.

- Until Then - (AO3) - ~3500 words, PG, written for [ profile] capt_facepalm for the Spring 2014 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange.
When waiting for the return of a friend, keeping a token of friendship is the key to holding on.

- The Continuity of Empires - (AO3) - ~1450 words, PG, written for [ profile] rabidsamfan for the Autumn 2013 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange, as part of a fic collection called Head to Toe with [ profile] tweedisgood and [ profile] methylviolet10b
Two years before the events of His Last Bow, Sherlock Holmes has unexpected illustrious visitors one morning. A case of international proportions stands in the balance, but Holmes takes his work seriously. All of his work.

- The One Fixed Point - (AO3) - ~7000 words, PG-13, angst, discussion of death and drugs, ACD canon-esque fantastical elements, written for [ profile] colebaltblue for the Autumn 2013 [ profile] acd_holmesfest exchange
Long into retirement and after yet another extended absence, Sherlock Holmes comes to visit a convalescent Watson with an unexpected question and a most unusual offer.

- Home - (AO3) - ~2400 words, PG-13, canonical death
Just after the events of the Adventure of the Empty House, Sherlock Holmes looks to return his life to the way he left it.

- Climb and Fall - (AO3) - ~800 words, PG-13, angst, canonical death
After Moriarty's demise at Reichenbach, Holmes risks his life to end his life only to find himself haunted by the dead and the living once he succeeds.

- Kindling - (AO3) - ~1550 words, NC-17, angst, UST, voyeurism without consent.
If the existence of a lover for Watson was obvious and unsurprising, discovering Watson’s newfound partner was in fact a man came as a bolt of lightning from the open sky.

- Three Minutes and Forty-Two Seconds - (AO3) - ~550 words, PG-13, violence, injury, angst.
Lestrade's telegram was just six words long, but those six words were enough to send Holmes running for the door.

- The Land of the Living - (AO3) - ~5800 words, NC-17, angst, suicide ideation.
Empty House AU. Watson recognizes Holmes in his bookseller's disguise, but this isn't the first time he has seen him since returning from Reichenbach Falls. He's determined to ensure that this is the last time, however.

- Night on the Train - (AO3) - ~1000 words, R, angst, very dark subject matter.
He knows the flavor of failure, but he never gets used to its taste.

- Returning - (AO3) - ~1400 words, PG, angst, written for a prompt from the great [ profile] rat_chan, based on the Granada telling of The Final Problem.
Post-Reichenbach, Watson returns to their rooms at 221B to discover what remains and what is missing.

- Steam - (AO3) - ~1800 words, PG, UST, some H/C, written for kmeme prompt.
Holmes and Watson see things quite differently and yet precisely the same when Holmes is burned during a case.

- Adagio for Violin - (AO3) - ~860 words, PG-13, UST, angst.
The violin is a conduit, his form of expression for what cannot be said.

- The Weapon of Choice - (AO3) - ~280 words, R, horror, dark, ficlet, written for kmeme prompt, Devil's Foot AU.
This was an experiment. This was a mistake.

- Later. After. - (AO3) - ~660 words, G, fluff, written for kmeme prompt.
His exhausting work is its own reward, but Holmes finds having a companion has benefits as well.

- Syncopated - (AO3) - ~1200 words, NC-17, UST.
Holmes steals Watson's stethoscope but doesn't quite get what he wants.

Elementary - Another new Holmes fandom to explore.

- Interludes in Winter - (AO3) - ~900 words, G, UST
It - she - sneaks up on him, a little at a time, despite himself.

BBC - Just starting to dip my toes into BBC.

- Uncontrolled Variables - (AO3) - ~2000 words, PG-13, self-harm, violence, hurt/comfort, written for this prompt about Sherlock's experiment with John and the fear drug in the laboratory in the episode The Hounds of Baskerville:
John reacts very badly to the drug. Maybe he’s allergic, or maybe his PTSD is a factor. He flashes back to Afghanistan or has some kind of full-blown Devil’s Foot hallucination: something that makes Sherlock feel guilty for (he believes) exposing John to it.

- Matter - ~170 words, PG-13, dark. For prompt: AU, John makes a bargain with a demon or the devil. In exchange for his own soul Sherlock will be resurrected from the grave.

Movie-verse - Not much to find here as of yet. Perhaps more in the future...?

- His Non-Native Tongue - (AO3) - ~400 words, NC-17, PWP, ficlet, written for kmeme prompt.
It's not a language Watson understands, but the meaning comes through regardless.

Drabbles and 221s - Experiments and challenge entries

- Four Cups of Tea - 221B words, PG-13, vignettes.
Four cups of tea are windows into the courses of three lives.

- The Fourth Time Asking - 221B words, PG-13, drugs, angst, established relationship.
Every time he was caught, Holmes thought Watson would never agree to his sarcastic prodding in response. It took only four attempts to be proven wrong.

- One, Two, Three - 221 words (although not a true 221B), PG-13, after-effects of violence.
The doctor, at work.

- One Word - 100 words, G, very Granada/Jeremy Brett.
Waiting and watching a man at his work.

- Six Seconds - 100 words, PG-13, angst, dark.
A miscalculation made under duress.
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